Good guys and bad guys

The buzz from the bible thumpers I am obligated to interact with is a blame game lately.

All of these awful things happen everywhere, and apparently if we just let their sky friend into our schools it would be a thing of the past.

I know this idea isn't new by any means, but why does it never occur to people that since god is the one doling out the violence, actively or passively and people go to hell - or jail for disobedience who is the cop and who is the robber?

I'm not overly active on Think Atheist, but anymore it's probably the most bearable form of social media.  Between celebrity gossip I could care less about and the crazies who think everyone is after their guns and the put prayer in school jack asses, I just can't look.

  • Lewal

    I find that God apparently often allows atrocity to test people, among other reasons, because he has a plan for all of us and works in mysterious ways and we can't possibly comprehend this plan, because, you know... God.

    The mental conditioning that allows for this belief is baffling and overwhelmingly depressing and I super don't want to raise kids here. I suggest you leave. I suggest we all leave.