I had this really perverse idea that it would be wickedly entertaining to visit this site and arrange a meeting with that compatible person that Gawd has been "keeping" just for you. You get to know them and then after a couple dates start asking those leading religious questions that ultimately makes them develop a sense of uneasiness and uncomfortable awareness. The different avenues of approach are limitless. Of course I realize this could be properly regarded as unethical as hell and something only a despicable atheist would dream of. I would venture that it has already happened. But why would Gawd not warn the unknowing victim of their impending dupe? Huh?

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  • Gregg R Thomas

    Just do it...I could use the laugh.

  • _Robert_

    "" LOL

    Find Darwin's Match For YOU!

  • Lewal

    @ Ed

    I don't actually intend to

    I don't remember if there's a user agreement (I'm inclined to assume so, though I wouldn't have read it), and they don't make much effort to question whether or not you're genuine.

    They ask what denomination you were raised in and then how often you go to church ("Never" is not an option), then ask what denomination you're currently a part of-- "None" isn't an option, the closest consolation being "Not sure yet".

    After that it's what I assume is pretty standard dating site stuff. You have to "upgrade" (pay) to access certain features.

    On the upside, I feel like a number of the users (at least the ones in my preference bracket) seem to care much less about the Christian aspect and more about the dating. Regular posts in the message board like the following reaffirm this:

    Christian by name only
    Posted: 10 Dec 2012, 4:42pm replyquote
    I am just wondering what others thoughts are on this topic. You can read in someone's profile about their thankfulness to God, or how they live for God each day etc. But then you see in their profile they attend church several times a year. Or upon chatting they are OK with premarital sex. Are we not all reading the same God Breathed word that directs us how we are to live, to Glorify our Father and not bring needless suffering on ourselves?

    I'd say it's worth the three minutes it takes to join just to read the posts on the message board, which can be pretty interesting. Topics include Relationships & Dating (the most popular by far), Education & Resources, Daily Devotionals (the two least popular), Prayer Requests (fairly popular), and Bible Study and Theology. Along with your standard Health & Fitness, Current Events, etc etc boards.