Chewing the Fat.

Sometimes you think about something and then keep noticing it popping up everywhere. So anyway I was recently pondering in a not to serious manner if there were any links between Atheism and fitness and in particular obesity. Then I heard a DJ on a radio talk show comment that it was quite likely that Atheists were unfit and overweight because they probably have not much concern about the future. You know the way we don’t have a positive outlook on life because we are so miserable all the time. We apparently suffer from the vice called Greed and we also lack self-control. Anyway lets’ not go there on trying to even work that one out. Then I got a mailshot with a link to a topic on “Who is fatter – Atheists or Theists? So I thought I would ask what you think.

Now I know that there would not appear to any correlation between Atheism and Obesity. However it may be that we do take our health more seriously if we look at the world through more scientific eyes. Maybe we see through the marketing more. Maybe as we know that as we only have one life we want to enjoy it as much as possible so we take more notice of what we consume. We all agree some Theists will swallow just about anything but would there be anything in their worldview to make them less concerned. I anticipate plenty of comments on the Jesus biscuits and the bloody wine.

Are you careful about what you eat? Do you try to keep fit?  Are your more like Penn or more like Teller?

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  • Ed

    @ Arch

    Beauty is only skin deep. Plastination reveals the true you!

  • Ed

    @ Reg

    My diet has developed to the point that tummy tucks and face lifts are now totally irrelevant.  :^ )

    referencing my recent pic....

  • Travis Babb

    I'm 26 and 73" and 190 lbs. I work out for at least 2 hours a day and go for runs around base at least every other day. Being a Marine, fitness is a huge part of my life.

    I also drink and smoke, but that is only bad in the eyes of reasoning and science. If all that waits for me after the the grave is eternal bliss and happiness, I would probably be smoking a lot more and eating pizzas every time I got the urge!