being an atheist is hard, but the truth usually is.

I've been reading a lot of nonsense recently about how "christians are persecuted, and everybody hates my religion," blah, blah, blah. Well I beg to differ on those statements greatly! Christians have it better than ANY specific group of people in the USA. They have power over 2 billion people. control governments throughout the world. my anger isn't specifically towards the christians but since i live in America they are a major thorn in my side. 

Being an Atheist, on the other hand is EXTREMELY difficult in most countries, if you're not killed first. You can become a social pariah because of you admittance of being an Atheist. You can lose a job. You can lose friends. all because you put fact and reason before a blind faith. 

I say to all people of religious faith, YOU HAVE EASIER THAN ANYONE! 

  • david garcia

    it is hard sometimes. I think I have to tone it down or bite my lip ...just so someone dosent hate me or think that i am evil but I think we are going about it wrong.. thats why i signed up for this help get ideas... we should be able to not only convince or win an argument but .. i dont kno........ i think we need to show them how to think logicly becuse thier faith blinds them of thinkning logicly so .. the only thing i have right now is socratic method I havent masterd it.. havent even used it once.. but i think using this method instead of arguing will allow them to talk themselvs out of me that seems like the only way

  • Codie L Miller

    I too at times notice myself having to bite my lip as not to sound too hateful or get too heated up by an argument or whatnot. You see, people of other religions (chiristians)  have no problem letting go of their tongue and blurting out their outlandish beliefs. We atheists should too have no problem stating our stance in fact and reason. Yet most of us do....

  • david garcia

    but thats what i am saying is we need to have a different approach then just the conventional way.. because they are not thinking conventionally…. they are blinded by faith they could say anything they want because as long as god is on their side they are right..... hah its funny