PBS Frontline - The Suicide Plan

Just watched this and it was very engrossing. Assisted termination of one's life remains a hush hush subject across our nation. If your mom  or dad asked for assistance would you help? Death with dignity should be an inalienable right the way I see it. Our current laws, minus Oregon & Washington, live up to the reputation of being an ass.

  • kris feenstra

    Was it Mass that had a death with dignity ballot measure this election? I was hoping it would pass, but it seems it didn't quite pull through.

    My attitudes toward suicide of any sort are quite liberal, though outside of terminal suffering situations I would do everything in my power to help someone see a different path. In the case of assisted suicide for 'death with dignity' scenarios, I would support the decision. For loved ones, I'd even carry it out myself directly if that was easier on the person who was suffering. I would even break the law to do it if the person in question was okay with me taking the risk. Like pretty much everyone, I hope to never ever be faced with that situation on any level, but I just don't see the value in keeping someone in agony against their will, only to experience a crushing decline into death. I don't want anyone to live to the point of resenting life itself. That's more tragic than death.