Why does one of the more powerful religious figures on the planet require a popemobile? That was a rhetorical question obviously. And it certainly has nothing to do with the fact that all popes are required to be old and decrepit before assuming that role and need help getting from their walker to inside the popemobile. The very being that created the vastness of the universe seems indifferent, uninterested, or probably, unable to stop a papal speeding bullet. Hell, even Superman can do that.

  • Dr.Grixis

    When Pope John Paul II got shot, it was the hand of the virgin Mary which ensured that the bullet did not kill him. The 4 hours in surgery by a team of highly skilled surgeons was just for show.

  • Ed

    As a Roman Catholic how would one juggle the idea that their pope is the closest man on earth to their creator but he still requires bullet proof glass? Gawd seems to be an infinitely fickle being.

  • Donald S. Chase

    Can you imagine going 84 years without once having   wrestled the bear?