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Being an 'out' Atheist at work.

  I know I'm skipping a few years of my 'coming out' story but we can go back and forth in the timeline. I've seen a lot of topics on how p…

Started by Zombie Atheist

6 Oct 10, 2012
Reply by Jens Schwaiger

How committed are you to your atheism?

I know this is a journey, and what I am asking is, where are you on your own personal atheistic stance?  Would you considered yourself conf…

Started by Anachro1

29 Mar 1, 2012
Reply by Ken Hughes

Your god contradicts all I live for.

My parents aren't particularly religious but my maternal grandmother is an orthodox Jew and tried to groom me to believe at least some of w…

Started by Sebastian Torren G.

2 Oct 12, 2011
Reply by Suzanne Olson-Hyde

Here I Am

Hi, my name is Kat and I've been an atheist since I was 18 and a doubter since I was about 9. I was raised Catholic in the Bible Belt and,…

Started by Kat Humble

4 Sep 20, 2011
Reply by Kat Humble

Another Brit - religion as a dangerous habit.

I have a similar background to Rich Meredith's tho I live in London. I was also told by my parents that some people believed in God but tha…

Started by Helen Pluckrose

3 Sep 4, 2011
Reply by Steve

How I Lost My Faith in One Month's Time

"What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof."    -Christopher Hitchens   I began March 2009 as a Christian.  Not a m…

Started by Kim

28 May 30, 2011
Reply by Jack Frost

Bibles and the like just history gone astray?

 I have long thought all from the bibles and korans etc. were nothing more than geneology and history gone astray.  Pehaps this whole chara…

Started by rich shull

0 May 16, 2011

Where do I go from here?

My story is not one of becoming an atheist or turning away from religion as a recent event. From a very early age, I smelled a rat but was…

Started by Kevin Marks

3 Apr 10, 2011
Reply by LovelyGirl

i don't think i'll be a christian much longer...

At the moment, I can't say with 100% certainty that I'm an atheist. In fact just two days ago I considered myself a born-again Southern Bap…

Started by S.S.

15 Mar 27, 2011
Reply by MikeTheInfidel

From Bible-literalist Fundie to Outspoken Atheist

Life has a tendency of throwing us curveballs. For me, the biggest was realizing that I no longer believed in God. All my life I was raised…

Started by MikeTheInfidel

3 Mar 27, 2011
Reply by MikeTheInfidel


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From Catholic to Mormon to Atheist

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