Hey, I like what you've done with your hair. Was it a professional or did you do it yourself?


There are plenty of cool and uplifting stories in this section. Just as deep as any of my previous religious experiences.


In 2007 I made the decision to get confirmed into the Anglican Church. The exact date was 30th September and several of my friends were also taking the plunge. 150 showed up for the service that was performed by the Bishop of Ely - who is ancient by the way - which is an impressive number compared to the usual seven widowed worshippers.


Stop rambling, William.


ANYWAY this day was the start of a very long and unfortunate journey as a god-squadder. I went to Soul Survivor 2008 and 2009 and had shakey blubbery fun with the Holy Spirit. This was proof beyond all doubt there must be a God and that he likes me. Between 2008 and 2009 my theology all changed from liberal to nasty, pluralist to exclusivist, orange squash to fear-mongering... And by November 2009 I was Britain's answer to GodHatesFags and the younger generations answer to Duane Gish. And John Calvin, I guess.


You may notice there was no mention of questioning my detestable beliefs: that came in the winter holidays, when I was trying my best to be anti-Christmas. I liked the saying, "Faith that does not doubt is dead faith" so I thought, sure, I'll challenge myself. It can only strengthen my holiness, surely? So I listened to some lectures on the problems with creation, read some atheist's books (Dawkins, Hitchens, whatever) and this made some sense. A scary amount of sense, actually.


I've been going on for ages and feel very egotistical so I'll skip to the end. It was the end of a shitty day and and a beautiful night, so I thought I'd put on the no-God glasses. They were a bit blurry at first, but I didn't take them off. Naturalism and challenging your beliefs is far better than a cop-out, far better than an absolutist set of rules. I do miss the community spirit though, and I've been trying to fill the gap. Drinking lots of tea has helped me along my way to being a happy humanist. Now, I must find other discussions to partake in.

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Welcome to this side of reason, Will. That's similar to how I ended up here... challenging my beliefs. Who would've ever guessed I would end up atheist? Not me, that's for sure. I thought I'd been through enough that I would never, ever lose my faith. Oh well! I'm a happier heathen than I was a joyful Christian.
Welcome! For me, it was a relief when I admitted to myself that I am an atheist. It helps having sites like this. :)
Thanks for the reply Cara, I know what you mean by the feeling that you'd be a Christian for life. I was happier once I made the promise to myself to not be kind or moral due to the promise of heaven/threat of Hell, but to just be good for goodness' sake.

Good to know from yet another user that this is such a helpful website.
Congratulations on turning away from the light! I hope you see as I did how blinding that light truly was, and that the source of that light is not supernatural at all...it is a product of man.


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