Yes, me in this sad anonymous nickname, and just on this internet site, this is as far as i can call "coming out". Living in a country controlled by religious people and shari'a law, there is no "coming out", unless you want to be killed!. 


If you "come out" here, your own family will beg you to keep it in the family, for you not to be killed, this is of-course the best scenario possible, even though they really believe that if you get killed you deserve it! their own son! and of-course you're going to hell.


The worst case scenario, you get disowned by you're family, they are the ones who report you so you can be punished by shari'a law, and the punishment for leaving your religion is death as many of you know.



So yes, Think Atheist is me coming out, to complete strangers, can't do anything else, whatever you put in videos. I cant even tell my best friend because I'm afraid i will push her away! And yes, DON'T come out if you're like me!.

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You mentioned being in London at one point in your life. Did you ever consider seeking asylum while there?

Perhaps circumstances wouldn't allow you that option.


How do atheists in your society try to connect? Is there any network at all or does the risk of being caught prevent this?

 I would hope you take measures to hide your internet identity when participating in such forums as this one.

In your precarious situation extreme caution is warranted.

Your road to social reforms and tolerance will be a long one. I hope you can eventually meet others of a similar mind and set in motion a process of change, no matter how small.

I understand that small inroads are being made to give the women of your societies a more equal footing with the male counterparts.

Perhaps as they experience more freedoms it will aid your cause.


Your plight has made me all the more keen to the freedoms we westerners take for granted.

Stay safe.


Yes I've been to london for a vacation.. I think us arabs are family oriented, I want to be open about my atheism but I also don't want to lose my family, I don't know if that makes any sense to you. 


I actually don't know any atheists from my country, in real life I mean, I met only 1 active user here in this site.. I know there are more of course but if I assume they are like me then they wont even try and "ask or tell" anyone in the real life(outside the internet). This is the only place I can interact with other atheists. 


Yes there are freedoms and reforms are being made slowly, but I think the religious freedom is very very very far away, don't take yours for granted, you're lucky.


I am cautious in what I do or discuss everywhere, and I'm hiding my identity here. Thanks for your advice.

check this out.. 

The truth about muhammed 


but what I'm talking about here starts @ 9:10


I sympathize with you. Where Muslims are dominant and Sharia is the law, a non-Muslim has only 3 choices: become a Muslim, pay half your income to retain your non-Muslimity, or death. A Muslim who renounces his religion. has only one choice - death. It is all in the holy Qur'an.

In places where they cannot impose this Qur'anic requirement, Muslims are required to practice Taqiyya -the doctrine of deception. It is their duty to deceive non-Muslims into thinking that Islam is a religion of peace - emphasizing the pre-Hijra part of the Qur'an when Mohammad (pbuh) advocated peace and conciliation. Their aim is to slowly get parts of Shariah to get accepted and lull non-Muslims into complacency.

If you, are Muslim and, do not practice Taqiyya, you declare yourself morally superior to Muhammad (pbuh) who himself practiced Taqiyya - definitely a no-no. He signed a 10-year peace agreement with the original residents of Mecca. Then, he secretly raised an army. After 2 years, he attacked Mecca, killing all Christians, Jews and pagans there - who were confident that he would abide by his word of honor, which he did not have. 

The chips are stacked against people who believe in truth and the honor in keeping ones word - to all people regardless of religion. If your sense of morality compels you to believe this, you have no chance to survive Taqiyya and Muslims who believe the Qur'an compels them to deceive the infidel - whether your are an atheist or practice any other religion.

SADLY, if you can no longer stand the stress and danger of being found out and put to death - leave, if you can, and breath the free air of democracy. But keep on informing other Muslims of what they are missing unless they escape from under the heavy oppressive boot of Ayatollahs, Mullahs and Imams. Use the Twitter, Facebook, etc. but make sure you can maintain your anonymity, or face death. Hopefully, someday Muslims will rise and adopt all the befits of freedom. Hopefully the freedom fighters in Iran will win. and Hopefully the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood will not hijack the Egyptian revolution.

Although I am an atheist, I pray that "If there be a God, and he is just, May God keep and protect you".


Thanks for your kind thoughts and concerns, and your "prayers".. As long as I don't tell people about my lack of belief I think I will be safe.


As for using twitter or facebook, I don't know if you could understand me but I am actually happy that this site is unknown in my country! If I started a facebook page or a twitter account, It will spread and I will be involved in a Cyber-Jihad! And I don't know if someone will take a step and drop the word "cyber" and act on it or not! I don't know if I'm ready to receive death threats! Maybe I'm being a cowered or paranoid but I'm ok with that for now at least, this is my life I'm risking! Not a job nor social acceptance. 


I hope you understand. 



Yes, I understand. Survive, my friend. Life is the highest value. - nothing higher. Job? Social acceptance? Mere pittance. Welcome to Think Atheist. I've been here for a while and here I find community, a sense of belonging. This may sound untrue, considering the vast diversity of atheists - and how we keep arguing about the the littlest things. But it's true. I actually enjoy the disagreements.

In the company of believers, I feel out of place, as if I'm an outsider. Everybody agrees. I hold my peace, not because I fear for my life, but because I know I will win the argument and they will feel very bad. I do not want to make people unhappy. I go to church because it provides social interaction. My daughter's husband is a Pastor. It would make her unhappy if I do not go. But I have many discussions with our Pastors, privately of course.

If holding my peace, so as not to make people unhappy, makes me feel uncomfortable, I can hardly imagine the stress you must be feeling, to keep silent to keep being alive. Come argue with us and feel the community, the belonging, the mental challenge. Atheists have the highest intelligence - and are not afraid to use it. - or ashamed to admit it.

You'll do much service to your brother atheists if you continually keep increasing our knowledge about the political system that masquerades as a religion - Islam - together with Taqiyya, Hijra, Jihad and the 72 virgins (I heard, that before it was edited, it said "72-year old virgin", from my friend Otto).   ;-)wink

That's really sad and it's the price "religion" extracts in far too many places in the 21st century.  I try not to think too much about it as it enrages me and makes me detest all religions even more, as if that's even possible.  Even here in America the Christian crazies excoriate non-believers and don't even have much respect for themselves much less others "outside" of their co-religionist circle.  Furthermore, Christians are getting bolder here and I wonder when enlightenment will happen anew.  Sad, sad, sad, and I'm truly sorry for your situation as I now it's real and true.
hit the button twice I guess. :-(
Wow. Be safe. This is more courage than many in your situation have shown, I'm sure. I don't fault them for not coming even THIS far out - not when life is on the line!
Congrats on coming out here. We welcome you and hope you remain safe. :)
This thread is fascinating as it illustrates the differences we as atheists face depending on where we are brought up. Has anyone made a documentary on this? Meeting people from different countries all round the world and discussing the issues we face. Does anyone think it would be a good project?
I am in the same situation as you.. And i totally agree


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