As the title says, I have pretty much gone from one crazy religion to another one and then finally realiozed the truth. The Bible said in the Book of John that you shall know "the truth" and it shall make you free. Funny thing was that the "truth" was in fact that it was all a lie and this truth did set me free. Let me start at the beginning and then work my way to today.

I was raised a Catholic, and went to Catholic schools from kindergarten until high school. When I finally graduated in 1996, I wanted as far away from church as possible. For the next two years I kind of bounced around and tried a few different spiritual paths, and in 1998 was introduced to the LDS church. For a guy from a predominitely Catholic area I had never heard of the Mormons except for the late night commercials they used to run on TV. So, I received a Book of Mormon and I tried to give it a read. Couldn't do it. I would get about half way through the book and then something in my brain told me to just stop reading. I should have ran at this point, but I chose to take the missionary discussions and then get baptized. What they taught me is not the whole story and you dont realize until you are in that there is some weird crap.

I kept plugging along, tried to be a good little Mormon and even attended the temple in 2001. The secret crap that goes on there made me really scratch my head and this started my path to deconversion. In 2006, I realized that I didn't believe in the church anymore, so I started looking again. At this point, I still believed in
God, and I heard a Christian preacher on the radio talking about the sinners prayer and how we need to ask Jesus to come into our lives. I thought that this is what I needed and so I prayed that prayer and guess what? Nothing happened. (Surprise) I tried that, but again I felt like after awhile something was not right.

It wasn't until I had to write a paper for philosophy class that I discovered atheism. Reading Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins actually made sense to me. But my brain wasn't ready to accept no god. It wasn't until 2014 that I truly accepted my non-belief and realized that I am an atheist. This was the most freeing experience. I am still married to my LDS wife and we have 4 children, but are not regular church goers. Hopefully within the next year I can share my position and possibly break them from the "chains" of religion. Sorry for being long winded, but this is a long time coming.

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