I have long thought all from the bibles and korans etc. were nothing more than geneology and history gone astray.  Pehaps this whole charade is nothing more than man discovering how to write and attempting to record history?   With no one knowing all the translations and languages of the writers all kind of things could be read into or out  of the holly bible or what ever. 


Could it be all those in the bible living hundreds of years were just a section of geneology and the actual person died years before and the text of the bible was simply the lineage of a person?  Really we can hardly live past a 100 today. 


Humans are indeed followers and most cannot stand on their own or think on their own so it is only natural  a 'leader of the pack' a god of sometype takes charge and guess what you have a religion.  I knew for sure in my mind god was a farce in 1992 when the local paper exposed Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church fame  (Ohio ,usa) in their series of stories they did on his appeals for lowering the taxes on his 800,000 home and his dad's 500,000 home (1992 figures) on the same properity. It was kept out of the big league press and even archived microfiled versions of the Lancaster Eagle Gazette the paper featuring the stories have been blanked out.  Is that the power of GOD? or a follower working at the microfilm company?  


At any rate the day any god he she or it  can get a message around the world instantly let alone in 1000's of years I will take notice.   I often wonder with all the other planets out there if we are not just part of a unique experipment on Ignorance and their might be more of us on other planets walking thew a different 'maze' . 


Meanwhile this is the only life we know and we must do our best to help our fellow human.


Rich Shull    

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