Hello! I'm new here; I just want to tell you a little bit about my story, it is kinda childish. (sorry for my bad English).

I'm 21 years now, and I graduated from a Catholic high school about 4 years ago, and that's the place where all begun. Since I was in third grade a lot of questions were built up in my mind, it seemed like I was never able to understand why the virgin has so many names, the holy trinity, the dogmas, and because nobody asked anything and accepted it I thought that was the way it was, and should be.

Everything changed that day in fifth grade, my dad is a doctor, and I remembered the teacher told us something about contraception, so, as innocent as I was back then, I told my dad about it and he gave me a condom and I brought it to school, the nuns found out when I was already home and the next day the coordinator (yes, she was also a nun) wanted to talk to me, so we did.

She told me I had done a terrible thing, I couldn't understand, the only thing going through my mind was “It’s just a condom; my dad has boxes of that thing back home”. I started crying, she told me I could be expelled, expelled! (That was a big thing for me) After hearing all the things she told me, talking about me as if she knew me, I felt so denigrated, embarrassed, evil! And I was only 11 years old. I just stayed in the library for the rest of the day, crying! Crying my eyes out!

My cousin, who was also studying in the same school, found out and she came to my house, and insulted me. I remember clearly her words “You are a shame for our family, you shouldn't carry Vi… as your last name” that crashed my word completely. When my mom came home, I couldn't help but cry and I told her all that happened, she was very nice to me, told me it wasn't a problem, after all they didn't expelled me, and then she said “Just do whatever they tell you do, if you don't like it, just pretend you do”.

At night in my bed, there where all these questions about the behavior of my mom, the reactions of my cousin and the nun; I found all kinds of contradictions, the nun preaches goodness, and yet she had treated me like scum, my cousin who was my friend, turned against me because the nuns were mad for what I did, my mom telling me to pretend that I loved everything that was going on at school. But I knew something was wrong, really wrong.

At that moment I decided I didn't want to follow some people who say one thing and do another, which they believe in things that didn't make a lot of sense, that couldn't forgive someone for a harmless mistake. I dissociated myself from religion…

Since that day and today a lot of things had happened to me, I've evolved and I've some setbacks as well, but I am not afraid to call myself an atheist, not anymore.

 I'll probably write how I grow up from that experience into the atheist I am today :D!

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