Well, thought I might start up a new discussion since I joined. Hopefully it might start some conversation. We are a one car family and live in a small town. So, I have to walk everywhere and am rather limited to the places I can go. I've been trying to find some activities to join my son into so that he can be around other people. He is so friendly and LOVES other children.


But, here's the roadblock: All the groups in town I can find that accept children his age have some connection to a religion. Most I wouldn't take him to; such as the church playgroups and stuff. However, even the early years satellite center (government-run system that is for families with children under 6 that do different educational programs) is held at a catholic school! The early years program is suppose to be very good, and from everything I have read it is purely run by the government. For some reason, even though it isn't religious, it is at the catholic school in our town. I'm guessing it's the space that was provided to them.


So, good program with a great locale (only a block away), BUT it's in an establishment that we are very concerned about. Maybe even detest.


I want my son to get out and do things, be involved, and socialize.. but I really hate where this program is. I feel like I'm holding him back on "principle". I guess I'm just really conflicted and would like to hear how others feel.



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I understand where you are coming from. It's hard not to feel that way after breaking free from religion, at least for me. I live in Utah and it's hard to get my kid out and about without Mormonism coming into play. I would just let him do the government run program and see how it goes. It's possible that it really is just a space and that's that. Just keep an eye and ear to the ground and make sure there's no subtle or not-so-subtle religious stuff going on. It sounds like a great way for your child to get out and meet some other kids and learn too. Good luck! This is just my little two bits. Thanks for sharing!



For sure! I think, honestly, it's also a bit of worry about having to deal with the husband on this one. He's particularly anti-catholic. (His father's family are french catholic) . And I'll probably end up coming off as a total nutter if I sign him up for things asking over and over "So.. it's not religious, right?" lol


I just hope if we do enroll, all the mother's aren't also super religious so I have no common ground. *bites nails* Man! It's like being in school again! hahah

I hear ya! I hope everyone is low-key on the religious end! It is really tough being atheist moms in such a religious country. Grrr. Keep us updated on how it all goes!

Coming in a little late to this conversation, but I know where you are coming from. I'm in Afghanistan right now and my Mom has my daughter at a private school. It's run by a Methodist church, and she did ask me before signing her up, but she is getting a better education (I feel) there than she would at the public school. She's in an advanced Pre-K class and will move into the advanced Kindergarten class in August. I feel that although she is in that environment, she will get to the point like I did where she will find her own path. When I call, she tells me things that she learned in class and we talk about it. I ask her what SHE thinks about what she learned, and although she is only 5 in can turn into a pretty good discussion if I can keep her on the phone long enough. I hope you were able to make a decision that you were comfortable with and that your son is enjoying himself!


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