Greetings Guys

Let us discuss best times for a meet up.

I propose a monthly one, and say over a weekend where people aren't working.

What do you guys think? :)

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I'd prefer to take things steady. Maybe we could arrange a first date to see how we get on (aided by a couple of drinks) and to see if we like each other.

If that proves a success, we could arrange to see one another again. And maybe we could invite the other guys along? ;-)

Good idea Stuart :)

That's a shame the idea was to meet up together. If ppl don't get along then at least there will be more than one person there. We shouldn't be worrying about liking each other we should be excited at finally meeting up with like minded people! I know I am and I hope this can happen. X

I am indeed excited. :) I work 6 days a week, so would be great if we can do Sunday. I know people will have work and studies following morning, but we'll just be chatting and having a drink or two. It won't be a night out getting drunk, not for me anyway :p

Hi guys I'm interested in meeting too - have U all heard of the atheist churches springing up down south - a great idea and apparently really popular. Does anyone know a humanist celebrant who could be invited along to chair? Cheers James


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