This Seems So Obvious! Companion Animal Retail Quotas Hinged on Local Shelter Populations

Does anyone know whether there are such laws that would limit a pet store's ability to obtain cats and dogs based on the number of local orphan animals?  It seems so elementary to me.  Do you know if it's happening near you?  If it's not already in place, I have a new law reform campaign to champion.

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Well not that I know of in the US anyway Michael.

That would be taken to court as an unconstitutional infringement on the freedom to be greedy.
Oh man you are so right indeed.

I contacted the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruetly to Animals and they in a roundabout way told me that they're unhappy with the means by which Ontario pet retailers are permitted to obtain their aniamals, but that it's a constant battle against puppy mills and online suppliers who are too numerous to monitor effectively. They recommended I write to my local politician to try to get the ball rolling on a law that would make my idea a reality.

I'm motivated to do it, but if my politicians write me off, I'll start a campaign.


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