Huge Jellyfish Nomura Sank The Japanese Fishing Ship

Posted on 03 November 2009

Nomura’s jellyfish is a very large Japanese jellyfish. It is in the same size class as the lion’s mane jellyfish, the largest cnidarian in the world. The diameter of these jellyfish is slightly greater than the height of an average fully grown man.

It grows 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches) in diameter and weighing up to 220 kg (about 450 pounds), Nomura’s jellyfish live principally in the waters between China and Japan, mainly in the central Yellow Sea and East China Sea.


Nomura’s jellyfish has plagued the seas of Japan from 2005 up to the present. The unintentional attacks brought by this kind of creatures have severed the fishing industries of the affected regions in Japan as well as the balanced food chains in the seas.

Japanese fishing trawler sunk by giant jellyfish, A 10-ton fishing boat has been sunk by gigantic jellyfish off eastern Japan. Trawler, Diasan Shinsho-Maru, was killed off Chiba “the three-person crew and tried to trip a net containing dozens of huge Nomura’s jellyfish.


Each jellyfish can weigh up to 200 kg, and the waters around Japan, has been flooded with creatures of this year. Experts believe, the weather and water conditions for the growth of the coast of China, it is ideal for jellyfish in recent months.

The crew of the fishing vessel were thrown into the sea when the ship crashed, three men were rescued but another trawler the Mainichi newspaper. The local Coast Guard office announced that the weather was clear and the sea was calm about the accident.


The last time Japan took a very large, in the summer of 2005, jellyfish nets damaged, rendered the fish inedible to poisonous bites, and even cause injury to the fishermen.

Relatively little is known about Nomura’s jellyfish, such as why some years see thousands of creatures floating in the sea over the Japanese Tsushima Current, but last year there was virtually no
sightings. In 2007 were 15,500 reports of damage to fishing equipment, from creatures.


Here’s a video of the famous Nomura’s jellyfish “echizen kurage”:

Experts believe that the major factor driving more and more visitors are jellyfish in the waters of Japan may decline predators, including sea turtles and certain species of fish.

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I guess they're paying for killing so many sea turtles with these same nets as a bi-catch. Sea turtles are to jelly fish as tortoises are to cactus, able to exploit food sources that few other critters can.
Mama nature's doing a big "I told you so..."

But I'm just amazed that there is one thing they won't eat at a sushi bar.


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