Posted: 08 Jun 2010
By Steve - In Ecoist

Bats… these fascinating, furry, flying mammals do humanity a great service by eating uncounted numbers of mosquitoes and other insect pests, so why not help the little guys out by furnishing them with suitable homes to roost in? These 10 bizarre bat houses may look somewhat creepy to us but to our winged friends, they’re home sweet home!

Check Them All Out HERE: (resizing is necessary)

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OK, you were just too quick Doone... I just fixed this discussion a second ago. I couldn't easily post it whole, so I had to go back and edit. Hope you check it again, because now there is something there to view. laughing....
Unlike purple martins, who fly during the day, and feed on bugs up high in the sun and wind, bats eat at night, and swoop low into the trees and plants, and eat more than their weight of bugs(ie mosquitoes) per day. If you want to put up a bat house, Bat Conservation International, Merlin D. Tuttle's organization out of Austin, TX, has data on how and where to locate them so the bats will use them. Info about houses:


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