The Huffington Post
Alden Wicker
Posted: 12- 4-10

As much as we would like to think the whole world is our playground, many animals simply do not agree. They are deceptively cuddly, furry, cute and wee, but these animals employ a variety of defense mechanisms that will - at the very least - make you think twice about giving them a pat on their head.

From seals to caterpillars to primates, check out these adorable animals to stay far, far away from.


The charm of the platypus lies in its unlikely assembly of body parts – its duckbill, webbed feet, furry body, and beaver-like tail.

But you wouldn’t find a male platypus so charming if it struck you with its venomous spur located on its leg. Although the venom is not deadly, it causes immediate excruciating pain that develops into long term heightened sensitivity to pain.

Fortunately, the platypus is a shy creature that doesn’t seek out and attack humans.

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