I don't know where to start. First of all my husband and I cleaned out our food pantry today. So that's a good start! Now I need a few yummy/easy recipes to get me going. Please share your favorite ones!?!

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I never heard of putting baking soda in Hummus. Is that a secret ingredient? Does it make it tastier? I may have to try this.
awesome all of this sounds really yummy, thank you for sharing : )
i love fresh fruit smoothies!!! i make something like this sometimes as well, i love trying out new recipes, please share often i won't get tired of it!!! thank you : )
My favourite fast lunch is pasta with peanut sauce and cucumber, pretty much like this:

I LOVE thai, my fave!!! i have a couple of really good thai recipes i need to share here.
i have had the bbq riblets they taste amazing!!! but they gave my husband and i REALLY bad gas lol, thats my only complaint : / we enjoy boca burgers when we are craving meat.

my mom was telling me something about eat right for your blood type, there is a book about it. some people with certain blood types cant live without meat, so if you crave it alot it could be because you have a certain type of blood (original blood-from our first meat eaters, i think type O or something). its worth looking into, its very interesting.
I was under the impression that the 'eat for your blood type' book was pseudoscience - am I wrong?

Also, a recipe to keep this on topic:
So it shouldn't be very long 'til vegan food becomes normal food. I've made some pretty decent coconut milk pancakes myself -- recipe on my vegan blog -- and am, as I write, making homemade, vegan Italian sausages. Wish I could send some over to each of you... :-)}}}
That sounds so fresh! And the red wine with it... yum!
Isn't squash wonderful? I will definitely have to try this one. Thanks for sharing.
thanks for sharing all of these yummy recipes! i have been so busy lately, sorry i havent responded.
Keep them coming! Another one I must try soon. Where are you getting these? Inventing them, modifying existing recipes, veganising existing non-vegan recipes? Whatever you're doing, keep it up.


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