Are We Too Damn Polite???....

I'm sure that all of you have at least noticed that the Climate Change Wars have erupted on A/N. You might not have joined in, but I do hope that most of you at least checked in to read some of what the deniers are claiming... Apparently, new statistics in the US of those who 'believe' in Climate Change has dropped significantly in the past few years. 54% of Americans now do NOT believe that Global Warming is a man made phenomenon. Unbelievable but true.

For the time being, with gas prices still under $3.00 a gallon, giant SUV's are still being bought, and in my neighborhood, it's the vehicle of choice. Plastic, plastic everywhere. I watch shoppers plop giant cases of bottled water into their shopping carts. Most all of the fruit and vegetables sold in the supermarkets are now wrapped in plastic and sit on styrofoam packaging. Rarely, do I notice anyone bringing their own reusable bags with them to pack their groceries, and are happy to the use plastic bags that the groceries supply to them. Checking out what food others are purchasing, it's clear to see that meat eating is still 'alive (not) and well'...

It's been encouraging to see that many major publications are now including articles on the impact of factory animal farms on our environment, on the health benefits of eating a vegetarian diet, and FINALLY on tortured animals being raised for slaughter., but the average American still sees no problem with eating meat (or fish) 3X a day, 360 days a year... Just take a look at this discussion I posted in the Parenting Little Heathen's group called, Meatless Mondays in Baltimore Schools Causes Controversy, the response that article got was mind-blowing....

Having been called a 'Vegan Nazi' by members on A/N who insist that it's nobody's business what they choose to eat, I clearly tend to differ. Is it our business when people buy gas guzzler vehicles and think nothing of letting their cars idle for half and hour while they sit in the car talking on their cell phone? Should they be allowed to pollute OUR air without criticism? Should we just say nothing about the fact that factory animal farms do more harm to the atmosphere that contributes to global warming than all planes, cars and trucks combined... That the methane gas produced by these farms are more powerful a warming agent than CO2.

Should we let our meat eating family and friends off-the-hook, because we fear being RUDE by suggesting that their choice to eat meat is dangerously impacting the environment of OUR planet? How do you side on this question?

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It seems many agree that it is OK to object when something another person does can be shown do cause personal injury to us. Defending the interests of another, especially one from a scorned group like other animals, is what is considered rude and fanatic.
If I say that eating meat raises my taxes because of government subsidies, that's ok. If I say eating meat means hurting and killing my friends, and that I want to protect them from your predation, that is unacceptable. I am a vegan Nazi, or fellow atheist say veganism is a religion and that is not worth talking to us. Compassion and empathy is NOT a religion. What about that "Being Good Without God!" stuff?
Defending the weak against bullies is a good thing to do. Preventing unnecessary suffering is an ethical thing to do. Eating meat is dumb, mean, and totally unnecessary. OK carnists, wipe the blood from your mouths and deny, lie, and excuse. Talk about the lions, the cavemen, the subsistence hunter. Tell me that no-one loves animals more than you. And no-one loves children more than a pedophile. When you tell me you "LOVE" animals, I ask, "With catsup,or gravy?"

Depends on the animal, actually. 

And the way it's cooked, of course. 

You are like jesus...but real. You are right, if people are murdering my animal friends I need to take a stand!

I have noticed that some vegans only feel justified in speaking out about those aspects of meat eating that affect them personally, like pollution.  Why is it less acceptable to speak for the other animals who are tortured and killed, than our own interests?  Whatever serious and terrible environmental effects meat eating has on the planet, most vegans who I know became vegan because of compassion for the other animals.  It is also MY business if someone is hurting and killing my friends and distant relatives.

It is none of our business!  Just as it was none of our business when witches were being burned at the stake in this country, and when black people were held in chains, when women were not allowed to vote, and when bear baiting was legal.  Wouldn't America be a better place if nosy, pushy, self-righteous people just backed down and shut their mouths.

Of course it's our and my business what other people eat. Absolutely. Most people choose to eat food that create a huge amount of pollution in various ways. These people live on the same planet I live and are polluting everbody's space. I guess I'm a Nazi too?  My freedom stops where somebody's else freedom starts. I believe that a lifestyle that throws out a huge amoung of Co2, methane in the atmosphere and plastic in the ocean is not ethical. It is my business to tell anybody engaged in such lifestyle to stop since they are polluting my planet too. 

My dog is my kid. 

Seriously. I'd kill a cop that was threatening him. No doubt. No hesitation. 

But that's MY dog. I've eaten dog in other nations. I realize that my attachment to him is not the same as what others would feel towards him.  

Just as your attachment to a chicken or duck or cow isn't what I feel that particular animal. 

I have a small homestead. I have poultry for eggs.  One of my drakes went from pet status to food status because he was becoming increasingly rapey and then attacked me. I couldn't rehome him. He could hurt someone for real.. (They are Muscovies. When I say 'attacked' I'm not kidding. They have hooked bills and clawed feet. They can do some damage.)  He was a danger to my girls (the egg layers) and a danger to humans. Nature has a way of ringing the dinner bell. 

So when you say "I love animals, so I won't eat them." or "I love animals, so YOU shouldn't eat them." I'm just going to shrug my shoulders and pat you on the head. 

I think the reason why that's not used very often in arguments is because it's too easy to dismiss. 

No one cares how you feel. Your 'feelings' are not a legitimate argument in most cases. 

People are assholes. That's a fact of life. 


But chickens and cows are man made animals. What will happen to them if they aren't eaten - should we just let them run free and wild. That would be cruel.

Or would we eat all of the food animals first and then become vegetarian once they've all gone?

How would it work?




I love horses. I've owned a few.

Would I eat one? -

Probably -

I would eat horse. The French love it. 

Would I eat the carcass of a retired service animal? Yes. If the alternative was that the carcass would go to waste. 

Now, would I butcher a retired service animal? No. I would prefer to see it 'retired' if that's an option. 

That's because I have an attachment to service animals. It's a personal feeling. It's not something I would try to mandate into law, simply because I'm not in a position to make a financial decision for someone else. It could be that it's more humane for whatever reason to put an ailing animal out of pain or because there aren't enough resources to care for it properly. I'm not in charge of the alternatives, so I don't get to make that call. 

That's a standard I apply to people, too. I live in a state that has legal assisted suicide. I'm a full body donor after my death. 

I would rather have a shorter, happier, more useful life than to die shitting myself and useless. 


"Should we let our meat eating family and friends off-the-hook, because we fear being RUDE by suggesting that their choice to eat meat is dangerously impacting the environment of OUR planet? How do you side on this question?"


I swear I'd have a serious go at anyone trying to lecture me about not eating meat ...

Why not fight for the ethical slaughter of these animals - I think thats a more worthwhile cause than telling people what to eat.




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