Personally, I think we won't. Though society seems to be getting more and more liberal and rational each century, the cognitive biases that gave birth to superstition will most likely remain for thousands of years. Also, it is in the interest of the most resourceful people in the world to keep their citizens religious.

What's your opinion?

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If the purpose of society is to control and use the human population then yes, keeping them in religion would be the best interest but that should NOT be the purpose.

I have great hopes that people will quit seeking something greater than what they can do to believe in and take responsibility.

Population levels versus education.  Chances are we will destroy our selves by destruction of our environment before humanity ever evolves to the next level.

I do not think so   Truth is not organized under one canopy but myths and religions are

Are you kidding? Eternal life. Being forgiven for you shitty behavior. Bake sales. Fish fries.

Never gonna happen. You need to resign yourself to being in a minority.

I certainly don't think so. I recommend taking a look at "why we believe in god(s)" by J. Anderson Thomson, JR., MD with Clare Aukofer - it certainly directed my view on the topic!

It depends on how you define religion, if your definition is strictly the religion of gods and mystery cults, yes, I think we will out grow it as science progresses and the universe gets smaller and smaller.

If your definition of religion encompass a cult of personality ie Mao, Kim Jung ill, the American founding fathers, no, I don't think we shall ever outgrow it

Dear Folks:

Should liberal and rational be linked? Some of the 'newage' beliefs get bound to the term 'liberal', but can seem, under study, to be just another type of nutty or a repackaging of older religious/spiritual ideas. Quantum mechanics, has been a rational enterprise, but has been used an attempt 'validate' spiritual positions/beliefs. With Environmental science, the movement behind it, can be used as a 'romancing' of the natural world, and can help us forget that nature can be very violent and unforgiving. I have even now seen an attempt to link the 'Big Bang' to the action of conscience in the universe, as if mind was involved. Just a few minor points ;p) 

In 2000 years time, the church of batman will suicide bomb the church of superman... if we even last that long at all...

Exactly Matt - too much money to be made, too many charlatans to make that money. Then there is the problem of testosterone and heirachy, my religion is better than yours, or my non-belief is stronger than yours, or my group has more in it than your group - it will never end.

This is completely erroneous; there would never even BE a church of Superman because everybody knows that Batman beats Superman.

Till religions stay crime will continue, conflict will continue and we may not have peace and humanity at all.


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