Has anyone noticed that eating animals is called dinner while eating people is called canniblism.I don't see a big difference.

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For me the big difference is that I usually like animals, people, not as much. LOL!

Eating meat, Genetics, DNA and chemistry show us that it is all the same thing. Just a distant relative. Alot of creatures eat meat so that is not the argument. For humans eating meat is a detriment to their health and the health of the planet. We simply should not eat meat because it is illogical to do so.
Eating a cow or a pig is accepted, yet eating a puppy of cat is barbaric. They are both the same thing. As Humans we have no more of a right to take the life of any animal or any other human for our own selfish benefit.
Having sex with your significant other is called making love - have sex with lassie is called bestiality. Some folks don't see a big difference here, either.
Unfortunately, most humans have no problem torturing, slaughtering and ingesting their fellow Earthlings, but would prefer to starve to death than eat one of their own kind...

Since 'Lassie', can't claim rape, who knows how many humans indulge in bestiality given no other convenient alternative...lol...

Check Out this discussion, Meet Animal Rahat's Latest Rescue And Her Newborn Foal, in the group, Where The Wild Things Are. Both sweet & heartbreaking...


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