I wrote this one a while back, probably when I was still in high school, and I was just beginning to crack the surface of my true beliefs. Critical thinking and reasoning started changing my viewpoint on so many things.... and i just realized that everything I was taught was based on a lie.

Dionysus Rest in Peace

They all cry out to an open void
praying to a god 
or maybe gods that we've destroyed

When you get down on your knees, 
and look at the sky,
do you see burning stars and empty space?
Or and endless road of questions 
that your filling with a face?

Some guy wrote the story
some one penned it all
invented gods and demons
invented ways to fall

Hera's reign is over,
Dionysus rest in peace
man has ruled you out 
for a god controlled by priests

When they created god 
were they looking in a mirror?
They painted him to look like them
and the image is getting clearer

He is violent and he's sexist
He is homophobic and he's cruel
He is all the hidden things
never taught in sunday school

But he'll forgive and he'll forget
for all you sinners with regret

just tell the priest what you did 
and he will clear your soul of guilt
Cuz the priests control the world at large
through a god that they have built

Its so much power for these men to hold
When you follow what they teach
They divide us all and feed the wars
from the pulpit where they preach

And there's one man ordained by god
who turns scripture into laws
he's a bigot and a liar
and he's hiding all his flaws

Cuz the man they praise, til the end of days
so ironically and true
hated all the politics
that kept god from folks like you

As an outsider I think its sad 
that after everything he gave
religious structure and politics
has Jesus rolling in his grave

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Hi Matt,

I too am a fan of rhyme. You cover a lot of atheist ground with this one.


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