I was afraid, life devoured me,

My Captain set me free...

I learned that driving a ship means constant waves and storms. But I am no longer afraid...

I learned that when you have the steering wheel, you cannot fail, there's no reason to be scared.

I used to believe that a Captain that can steer is still dependent upon God to control the waves.

Until I realized the moon has it's pull, and I am safe always.

There's nothing that could happen to me that I cannot overcome.

If I die tomorrow life's sweetest song will have been sung.

I've learned to love, and bloom like a rotting rose brought back to life,

I've learned about what it takes to work by day, and love deep by night.

I've learned that god is not the answer to any prayer.

The only answer to anything begins at a hard look in the mirror.

If I die, please know I have loved my Captain dearly. I now see clearly.

If I live I'll sail to the next sea, and make love on the beach as the waves wash over me.

Life is too short to be afraid. My fear is conquered. I am free.

So the light from me is astonishing. It gleams so bright. What a sight!!!

So if I die tomorrow, please know I found the light.

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Too right Belle, this is lovely.  This is how I feel. 

At the same time, Belle, I feel that you're in danger.  I hope to be still replying to you in March. 


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