A Girl on the Corner

I see this girl at the corner
every morning at 8:15 

she asks for money with a smile
a crooked smile that draws me in
I buy my coffee and the paper 
we talk about the weather
I can only think about where she's been

She's got a warmth inside her body 
I've seen it melt december snow
I watch her sit and radiate
I wish that I could just relate 
But she walks a line that I will never know

Every morning at 8:15 
she asks for money with a smile
A crooked smile that has melted me
She speaks of poetry by Sappho
and the art of Frida Kahlo
She sees the world for what its meant to be

Why can't I see the world like you do
why can't I ever follow through

I saw this girl at the corner
every morning at 8:15

She changed my life with just a smile
And I will never forget her face
her smile turned into laughter
and we laughed aloud together
Just days before she left me in this place

One morning at 8:15 
I got my coffee and the paper
And walked down the road to see her
But time had taken her from me

She was a just a lowly drifter
they said no one would miss her
but no one knew her like I did

I read some poetry by Sappho
"Ode to a loved one"
As I read it I cried for you
it was owed to a loved one
Your feeble pulse forgot to play;
You fainted,sunk and died away.

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