For people with advertising minds that can donate their time to promotional matters for Think Atheist.

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Hi I would like to help get the word out about TA. I'm a developer and pretty handy on teh interwebz. Let me know what I can do.
Currently as you can tell Jeff We need more members. Be it threw Digg vids/blogs/pics/etc. If you have AIM you can PM @ ThinkAtheistCom or even threw the site.

But any suggestions would be highly appreciated, and I am willing to change anything we need to on the site if you think you have a cool idea.
My experience in the entertainment advertising and marketing fields might come in handy :)
I've worked the start to finish promotions of 10,000 person concerts, funding, organizing trouble shooting all included
it's kinda funny what you learn from growing up in a marketing family, working the family business
before starting you own design and advertising company that takes all your time n over occupied for a dozen years.
I may be able to lend a hand until a new job takes all my current free time away :)
id definitely be interested in finding awesome ways to promote the site, i'm pretty creative and I spend a lot of hours online at work doing nothing so this would give me something meaningful to do!
How very phallic. ; )
I made a layout for Meinspace. I would just post the layout here but the TextArea code doesn't seem to work here so the code can be found in my "About Me" section.
I'll be earning my BFA in advertising this May. If you need help in coming up with campaigns, plans books, media strategies/components, budgets, layouts, or even graphic design, I offer my spare time to the cause.
Awesome Jimmy join the street team group then if you have not already. :]


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