For people skilled in the art of making logos, graphics, etc.

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I don't have the greatest uploaded portfolio (so my dA account is not going to properly represent my current skill) but check out my gallery here:

I mostly pencil sketch, but I also self taught (and am now going to school - so a paper can assure people I know what I am doing) Photoshop and Flash, which I have become fairly proficient in both since I started.

So while not a professional, I like to think that I have skills in many areas and can prove useful.
It's over a year since any posts on this page and I'm not sure if it's still active, but I just thought I would chip in... I'm doing a work placement for a British designer (she designed my logo) who does illustrations as well as designs for web and print, and we'd love to help out. You can check out her work here:


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