Please come on in and share any questions you want answered or that I didn't get to in the last show. I'm glad to answer anything (granted that it's not inappropriate) on or off the show and I would love ideas for a theme of discussion or any other imput any of you have.

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Why the flu is evil? And why it's Jesus' fault.
Haha, of course that would be something you would say Dan.
Because, and because imaginary characters make me sick.
How about As an Atheist in court what substitute will you accept instead of a bible? Could be a good discussion.
Haha, nice Morgan.
I think a history book would work....
I wouldn't think any book would do... i mean no matter what people lie, hell even in the face of a bible they lie (then ask God for forgiveness later) i would look at records, and if the conviction is lets say death, the tone of voice of the person and their explanation could maybe get them away from the conviction (but not free) as long as it seems that the jury (not manipulated socially) but actaully do see the truth in a person. (which with some people can be rather hard to crack)
Possible Topics for Discussion:
1. Male influence on religious culture,stories, morals : (bibles sin of woman eating from forbidden sin, quran sexual reward of 72 virgins)
2. A typical relationship between spirituality and "magic" or "psychic powers" -- belief
3. Astrological symbolism in religion
4. Atheism, a religion or culture
5. Morality comparison between Theists and Atheists
6. Debates between Theists and Atheists: the typical Theist argument
7. Can Theism be bad? Good?
8. Can Atheism be bad? Good?
9. Can everyone handle being Atheist?
10. Does Intelligence have any connection with Atheism or Theism?
11. Relationship between Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny with Theism.
12. God: A father figure?
13. Heaven: The ideal human environment? For who?
14. Morality: A human "Opinion"?
15. Jesus's Sacrifice, a "second" chance for humanity? An attempt to "subdue" a sinful birth.
16. What is "Free Will"? And who's Will is it?
17. Prayer, communication with a higher being or a mental illusion.
18. Gods forgiveness, a personal connection with God or a self defined act of being forgiven.
19. Religion: A Cash Cow?
20. Emotional Differences between Theists and Atheists.
21. Imagination, the creator of Stories and Religion?
22. God, Jesus, Spaghetti Monster, Pink Unicorn... Can you disprove ANY of those Theistically?
23. Does Freedom of speech not count for religion?
24. Guardian Angel: is it there for our support or an idea to help us cope.
25. What would happen if Religion was true? (Rapture, heaven, hell, 72 virgins)
26. Is it really efficient to say that God's Word is perfect yet the bible is changed.
27. Picking Biblical morals to follow, shouldn't follow ALL of Gods Word? (stoning: Disobedient children, women that cheat (not men), non-believers)
28. Separation of Church and State yet Tax Free Corporation?
29. Evangelicals, not taking the Separation of Church and State seriously?
30. God and Nature: Discuss!
31. The word God, any similarity with Dog? (lol) The meaning of "God" a real word?

Possible topics for Person to Person discussion (interview?)
1. How did you turn Atheist?
2. Life experience with Theists.
3. Theist friends/girlfriends/spouses? Living with a Theist.
4. Are you a "moral" person?
5. How do you handle tough situations without prayer?
6. Have you ever asked for Gods forgiveness?
7. By getting to know the God of the bible, would you really say you would be proud to go into heaven with him?
8. Opinoin: Which religion can you not stand?

(PS. Your Welcome :P)
morticia i hope you like those topics me an krysis worked on, you need to rub his belly or something he worked hard.

You're the best, ever. Seriously, you just made my life so easy and you're so sweet for working so hard on it for me. :]]]]]]]]
*rubs belly and gives a scooby snack*
You're amazing, if there is a god, it's you. Holy shit.
WOW..... I'm blown away at how many really really good topics you gave me. Ah..
Rooby rooby ROOOO!!
/me moves hind leg drastically from awesome belly rub

Oh dood sorry aeon! forgot to put that u contributed, so friggin tired x.x'

But yes, Aeon def helped start up alot of topics =]
I would like to hear you talk about 11. Relationship between Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny with Theism.
wow guys great job! I was going to do some digging myself :)
Just a thought, for those who are interested, the theme of Burningman 2009 is Evolution. Obviously in such a context the word evolution takes on a new light and intention than our usual use of the word, which tends to be incorrect anyway. So, power of word choice, power of word placement, burningman itself.... you can see the possiblities.


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