I started watching Fritz Lang's 1927 film "Metropolis" last night. I got about halfway through before having to turn it off to do other things, but boy do I dig is so far (despite its obvious Christian message)! I plan on finishing it tonight.


That makes me wonder-- are there other silent films out there I would enjoy? I recently also saw a few clips on YouTube of Harold Lloyd and was just as impressed.


Any suggestions?

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I liked everything I have seen by Charlie Chaplin, like City Lights, The Kid, The Circus. I have only seen 8 of his movies and some are not silent.


You should also watch The General (1926) with Buster Keaton, it's really great.


I haven't seen Metropolis yet, but I plan to do it really soon. Too bad some parts of the movie are lost.

In 2008 they found a near complete copy and have restored it, so make sure to watch that one.

Yeah, I heard that they found some lost footage in Argentina.


Have you seen that clip with the "mobile phone" from like 1928 found on the dvd of The Circus? Did they resolved the mystery or they still think it's a time traveler? :)

I heard about the clip, but never saw it. I think it was determined to be a hearing aid.




It certainly would be cooler if it was a time traveler. LOL!

My grandfather has a hearing aid and he doesn't use it while simply walking down the street. I don't know... but it can't be a mobile phone.


And it wouldn't be that cooler to be a time traveler because 80 years have passed without anything else happening.


And that woman is laughing when she stops and turns to the camera. Strange, because she's alone.


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