Have you ever illegally downloaded a movie? Since then, have you done it again? Why won't you even consider doing it?


Topic inspired by IMDb's daily poll question from today.

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I have never done it, and don't plan to. I am just morally opposed
Isn't that the same to what they did at Napster?

If you count movies that you can't get in your native language then yes I download movies, otherwise no.


I know if I want to see more movies I need to fund their creation by making a trip to the theater to buy a ticket.

So you only pay for movies made in America and you just download the rest? I don't get it...

How am I supposed to get something they refuse to export and translate?


Even amazon will block shipping to the US.

I really don't think you can only find American movies in America. That's impossible. Perhaps you're talking only about the foreign movies that you can't find, not about all foreign movies in general. If that's the case, my mistake.


Do you feel guilty about illegally downloading movies?

That is what I meant.


Guilty, no.  If they wanted to give me a legal way to get a translated version of thier movie then sure but as long as it would take an extra $10-15 just to reship (not including the original shipping) and run the risk of customs confiscating it then no I don't feel guilty.

I suppose the demand is not high enough for those movies to be imported in the US. And Americans are greedy bastards (those in the film industry) and like to make money with remakes, which, most of the time, are crap.


You can use Netflix.

I wish the Japanese would just steal the fansubs people seem to like throw them on DVD/BD and release to the US, I would rather buy from SHAFT than Funimation any day.

I'm curious, what turns, for you, something illegal into something acceptable? Just the fact that it involves you, or that you can't acquire the movie in a legal way (I guess we can skip the last one because you said that you don't want to pay 10-15$ more not that you can't get the movie legally)?


What if someone can't afford to buy a movie, even if it's easy to find it in his/her country and decides to download it? Is that acceptable? Why/why not?

When it becomes impossible to obtain legally I think it is ok, I have seen several movies that I downloaded that later came to the US (years later) and I bought them so it is not like I am unwilling to spend the money I am just unwilling to spend it if it can just be stolen by our own government.


I don't think I have the right to say what is or is not acceptable in another country but if it was an American I would have to say it is not acceptable because ownership of something that can be bought is a privilege not a right.  Taking away money (lost sale) is like saying I want a Bugatti but I can't afford it so I will just steal one.  In this case they would have to cross a border to steal the item in which case they could have bought it legally (assuming they had the money) so the privilege not right thing still stands.


I know I rambled on a bit but I wanted to cover all of your concerns.  If you have any questions by all means ask way :D  I know other people may not be concerned I think the subject is actually an important one.

...but as long as it would take an extra $10-15 just to reship (not including the original shipping) and run the risk of customs confiscating it then no I don't feel guilty.


So you do have a way to get a movie legally, but you get it the easy way because it gives you less headaches and you spend less/no money. It's like you said about cars. If you can't find it in your country, you pay extra for getting it shipped from another country or you pay extra and take a trip to get it yourself.


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