Here discuss any behavior problems you may be having with your pet: scratching, aggression, cat + other pet issues, night-time "crazies," etc.


Anyone who thinks they have a good solution to these problems, please do offer it!


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Hi, i'm having issues with two little cats i got yesterday. They hiss me every time i'm near them, one of them even runs off; they hardly come out of the couch and they don't even let me touch them (as i can't catch them). What would be a good approach? How long will be before the adapt to my house?

I can't give you all the answers as I'm new to cats... but I would HIGHLY suggest that you visit and look under "cat behavior." There are some tips on how to adjust your cats to a new home. 

Also... several books I have read have indicated that new cats will be scared and skittish the first couple of days... the basic advice I read said that you have to be patient as it will take them time to get adjusted to the new environment.

Cats aren't dogs. They aren't born with an affinity for humans. They don't respond well to any situation where they aren't in control (at least until they learn to trust you). They don't respond well to aggressive friend-making. If that's your style, get a dog.

The main advice I would give you is not to approach them at all, unless you have to. It will take a while of living together with you for them to realize you aren't a threat and that you are the one putting out the food and water. Once that clicks in their heads, they will come running as soon as they hear the noise of food being prepared.

Do you watch My Cat From Hell? Jackson Galaxy really knows cats. After a few episode, which you can watch at the link provided, you should get the hang of how cats think.

Recently there's been quite a lot of tension in my house (my dad is divorcing my mom and she's not taking it well) and my two cats have been acting out.They jump up on the table and counters, they yowl, and when I feed them, I usually make them sit and wait before I feed them, then let them jump up onto the bathroom counter to eat. Now, they jump up before I feed them, and when I shove them off the counter and make them sit, they just run off, offended. How do I stop them acting out and being annoying?

I don't know the full answer to your problem... but I do know that cats are very sensitive to change and the behavior problems are probably due to stress.) Also.... I have dogs... and animals (in general) get stressed out when their people are stressed... they do pick up on emotions.

You might be able to find some solutions on

About the jumping on tables and counters... visit the site and look up "counter surfing"

This may seem oblique, but it could help. Cats like high places where they can look down on their world. They are pouncers. They also feel safer up high. Is there some high place they can go to? If not, give them one. Even if they've never needed one before, it might help now.


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