Meeting Minutes

Date: 2013.03.18
Location: Eastern Tech High School
1100 Mace Ave, Baltimore, MD 21221- Classroom P-1
Time: 7:00 pm

Main Topic: Belief in gods – A Mensa Member discusses the reasons for belief

Members/Guests in Attendance:
Isidore Ducasse
Todd Wade
Sally “Sassy”
Greg Paul
Robert Karp

Guest Speaker: Marsha Stodolski

1. After introductions, Ms. Stodolski provided a brief overview of religions through history, then provided some background on her personal history. The nature of this meeting was an open conversation, with questions asked on both sides.

2. Some of the topics discussed included the difference between deism and theism; the difference between atheists and agnostics; taking a literal, figurative, or historical view of religious texts; and the nature of faith.

3. Ms. Stodolski suggested some additional resources for those interested:

Anthony Flew: There is a God, How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind

Stuart Hameroff, Director, Center for Consciousness Studies, University of Arizona (viewing consciousness as a process in the fabric of the universe…

D. Mackenzie Brown: Ultimate Concern: Tillich in Dialogue

4. Next Meeting: Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 15th at 7:00 pm, to be held at Razorback’s in Towson. An agenda with additional information will be posted.

Typed by: Isidore Ducasse

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