Question : Having no leagal seperation of church and state,do you think it has been  beneficial or detrimental to canadians.
I waffle on the issue. We have built one of the best countries in the world without a church/state seperation. On the other hand it bugs the hell out of me to see public funding for organizations that feel the need to purpetuate myths to (in my opinion) the detrimet of todays society.

thoughts ?

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Which party is the extremist right-wing party?  Did Wildrose get a solid foothold?  Good for them.  Those bitterly oppressed, white, hetero Christians are sorely underrepresented in Alberta.

Wild Rose was beaten easily, but they did win the opposition. The whole media fiasco did raise questions about the misuse and misapplication of poling though, that may contribute somewhat to entertaining future discussions also :)

Wild Rose is but on extremist off-shoot of the Conservatives there. The conservatives were 'pushed' into becoming a little more 'progressive' in order to win over the libs! Boy oh boy, those words just sound dirty in the context of conservatism :(

I got the feeling Sun media was pushing for wildrose in a bigway.They hardley say boo about most prov elections but covered this one nationally

That is to be expected. That's the only purpose of Sun media, to GROW the right in Canada, to GROW corporate culture.


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