Question : Having no leagal seperation of church and state,do you think it has been  beneficial or detrimental to canadians.
I waffle on the issue. We have built one of the best countries in the world without a church/state seperation. On the other hand it bugs the hell out of me to see public funding for organizations that feel the need to purpetuate myths to (in my opinion) the detrimet of todays society.

thoughts ?

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i agree to a point, but i question the sense of the claim to be 'the best country in the world.' this kind of thinking has been part of the mindset of many for too long and simply continues the competitve struggles that are the souce of endless conflict.
one of the things i love about canada is that there is, in government, a true separation of chuch and state.
if you look at the nations that have some religious influence in their government, you will see that they are also very warlike nations. that is not a co-incidence.
the problem i see with religion is that those who follow it are more concerned with maintaining old traditions and rituals that progress of any kind is severly hampered. but people will cling to what makes them feel comfortable and safe. as atheism grows we will see a change, i believe, but the clingers will cling for some time. who wants to admit that they've been following an illusion for so long?
Thanks for the reply Wayne. Just to clairify in my post I did say "one of the best countries in the world" and you have to admit as far as education, heathcare, life expectancy,income and infant mortality we gotta be in the top ten. It doesn't make canadians any better than anybody else, However it should make some of are ideas useful and valuable to the rest of the world .
Having just returned from a 3 week holiday in Africa, including visits to Johannesburg, I am deeply grateful to be a Canadian and to be a part of our society. I felt much more threatened in the South African cities I visited than in any of my many close encounters with nature. I am in awe of the driving force of evolution that was clearly evident in the safaris I enjoyed and more deeply disturbed than usual of the myths and misinformation our religious communities continue to propagate.

I believe we need to have a clear separation of church and state - legally based would be most appropriate in today's realities. although the details of the such issues involved are beyond my personal experience . I think change will be gradual, but I believe we need to approach these issues with a "revolutionary" attitude rather than with the usual "revisionary" approach that is often implied.

We need to discuss and agree on the most important factor in the current situation and work together to bring about the necessary change. We would be much more influential as coordinated and visible group. I have had administrative experiences in my profession and I am well aware of the some difficulties involved - the metaphor of "herding cats" is often very appropriate in my experience - but I believe the long term gain would be worth the short term pain.


We've been living in lalaland. With our increased immigration, religions are pouring into the country and we have zero ground to fight any of it. Canada has lost its status as 'one of the greatest'. Our government is extremely authoritarian (as again attested by this week's BC police looking to use image recognition technology to identify people in gatherings) and a majority of us Canadians are just big pushovers and never fight for anything. The corporate government is in complete control of Canadian brains. Yukon is in theory the least religious place in Canada, but everyone here is very 'religious', just not in church, they just do the 'spirituality' thing instead. Canada depresses me.

As for the atheist component... I don't think there are more in Canada than in the USA. In Yukon, our catholic schools have equal funding as the public schools, and practice hiring discrimination, for religion of course.

Canada's small numbers has precluded us from true competition in the communications field, and CBC used to have intellectual integrity. So english Canadians have mostly been fed only one moderate-liberal message for our modern lives. Now with increased access to right-wing lunacy, Canada's general levels of knowledge will more tightly align with the USA diaspora of available information, which in our lalaland world, will be even more dangerous, Canadians are not critical enough.

I can't speak for all of Canada but in Nova Scotia it appears religion is gradually fading away.Most churches are having difficulty maintaining operations and are relying on senior members for support.Forty years ago religious affiliation was a factor in a lot of things like hiring, etc but today it is more of a non-issue.I don't see religion being a big factor in government here either.It scares me to see the religious bullshit being put forth by the candidates in the US elections.

I think its the same across the country. In Manitoba we have lots of churches going or have gone belly up. Unfortunately there is only one religion thats growing,its the xtian mega churches.I went to one here ( for  research on a article ) and there the bookstores sell the same crap message as what you hear from the republican candidates.

What worries me is The Harper gov and their $20 million office of religious freedom. If its anything like the american  version , and signs are poiting that way, were in trouble.

Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms states: Under the supremacy of God... I've heard of a few individuals across the country who've considered launching a push to get that out of there... I'd participate in such a campaign.

i live in alberta. in one public school i know of the school starts the day with communal reciting of the lords prayer. in another school district public secular education is not available, just the catholic schools.  (alberta is required constitutionally to offer catholic schools wherever requested). secular parents get nowhere trying to get answers on these issues.

also, the government gives tax dollars to private charter schools, most of them religious. 

so an establishment clause of some type here would warm my heart.

sorry, didn't notice this was an old thread.

A thread is never old!

I much prefer ongoing long discussions than constantly starting new threads about things already discussed!

Alberta will get even funnier during the next term: A right-wing government, with an extremist-right-wing opposition. This ought to be hilarious! We won't need to talk about USA politics at all, we've got all the USA style right there in Alberta!!!

Wild Rose was beaten easily, but they did win the opposition. The whole media fiasco did raise questions about the misuse and misapplication of poling though, that may contribute somewhat to entertaining future discussions also :)

Wild Rose is but on extremist off-shoot of the Conservatives there. The conservatives were 'pushed' into becoming a little more 'progressive' in order to win over the libs! Boy oh boy, those words just sound dirty in the context of conservatism :(

I got the feeling Sun media was pushing for wildrose in a bigway.They hardley say boo about most prov elections but covered this one nationally


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