I was just wondering what you guys think of the difference between the two countries when it comes to religion. From my perspective, I've always been an atheist but since moving to the US I'm much more active. I'm not sure if this is because I discovered the work of Dawkins, Harris, Hitch and the rest or if it's because religion is so much more in your face in this country. But I do know that atheists are pretty despised down here. Which seems quite different from how the climate is in Canada. 


Anyway, what do you think? Is it easier/more respectable to be an atheist in Canada? 

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I really can't say anything about how it is to be an atheist in the US.  Never actually been there for anything other than a couple hours at a time.  I did however grow up in a small town in southern ontario called Acton, which is currently about 10 000 people, with about twenty churches, and The Watchtower was ten minutes drive away. 


It was about 5000 people when I was growing up there with almost as many Churches- they just haven't gotten around to finishing many yet- the town has grown quickly.  Anyhow, growing up there it wasn't exactly a welcoming atmosphere and without trying to sound like I was in any way oppressed- it was a fairly annoying place to live. 


Door knockers, insulting billboards, adults and other kids you met growing up trying to save you, people yelling random ragey shit as you walk down "Main Street".


Then again, I hear at least our Hillbillies are less inclined to the "Drive around in a pickup truck with shotguns", so I think I had it pretty easy.

yeah. i mean i'm in LA so it's not THAT bad. but i know there are places in this country where it's still pretty awful for people who don't drink the kool-aid.
Definitely way easier than what I've heard about in the States. If a religious person found out I was atheist they would probably just shake their heads and say jokingly that I can't really be serious.
I would definitely say it's different. Opposite ends of the scale, really. Canadian's have a more European percentage of atheists and (I find) are more understanding. Its the difference between "Freedom of Religion" vs. "Freedom from Religion". (Which, interesting side note, is why we came to this half of the world...)

As an American, I can clarify :) Atheists are considered vile and anarchists in the U.S. I know, because I am one of them. It is better if you live in a big city, but in the country, where I am... it's rough. 


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