June 25, 2010 by admin
Sunday Evil

In the pictures you will see the beautiful city of San Francisco made of nothing but jelly. This is the brain child of Liz Haycock and you cannot but be impressed by the myriad of colors and the pain that must have gone into this huge project. She has made a lot of effort to make sure that every detail is taken care of and to see that all the important landmarks are made visible. You will see that she has not even missed on the details on the flag in one of the pictures.

In one of the pictures, you can even see the lights reflecting off the river. The city is complete with roads, trees and even the stadium and its parking. It is surprising that everything is still staying upright. After all it is just jelly. The project is so well done that it looks good to eat. Well that was a pun.

City of Jelly 3 City Made of Jelly

City of Jelly 5 City Made of Jelly

City of Jelly 2 City Made of Jelly


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