That's the real headline. But the right-wing loons over at News24 and Beeld have turned it into "Woolworths Bans Christian Mags," because Christians, you see, have a special entitlement to have their particular brand of superstitious mumbo-jumbo recognised.

Woolworths is getting a lot of flak over this, and I ask that you guys spread the word and make an effort to send them a message of support. You can reach them in three easy ways:




Do it! And maybe we won't have to see exploitative crap like this on their shelves:

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"We have been overwhelmed by the response. Thanks to everyone who has supported us – we really appreciate it. It was not our intention to offend any religious group. Woolies has a deep regard for all faiths and will continue to respect all our customers’ beliefs. We’ve always prided ourselves on listening to our customers and we really do want our social media pages to be a 2-way conversation. As a retailer, we continually review all our products including magazines and stock products that our customers want and buy. You posted – we listened and have now decided to put all magazines back on our shelves. We will continue to take a retailer’s view on our catalogue going forward to ensure we stock the magazines that most of our customers want."

So typical! Woolies response to not rocking the boat! Come on guys really. How weak...


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