Besides their obvious benefits boobs are good for you even if you're just looking.

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Friggin awesome o.o
just sent it to my gf :D
LOL! thats one way of "picking up" chicks :o
putting them down somewhere no one is looking is the second step :P
In the interest of keeping my fellow man healthy, I would like to encourage you to consider the below.
I call it looking to heaven (looking up into the face of a god(ess))
Eh... IDK... I have to look at mine everyday and it's like... whatever. But, you'd be surprised that even girls have difficulty not staring [not drooling, mind you [except. maybe lesbians] but just staring] when a girl with huge boobs walks by with them almost falling out of her top. - Even I have difficulty not looking at that. -

Although as long as we're on boobs... please tell me some of you guys love girls with little ones. Us girls are told we have to have "huge melons" to get guys, hence the girls who get plastic surgery [not me]. But I get the feeling thats not always true. Any of you guys have thoughts?
Don't worry Sky, though some guys have preferences, you will never meet one who doesn't like all types of them.
That should be anything more than a mouth full is a waste.
I actually thing b-c size are the most proportionate looking. Like the girls from the original Daft Bodies video on youtube, hot!
And I thought I was good when I could rub my stomach and tap my head at the same time.


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