Another beefy post is up on my record blog, The Innerspace Connection.  I'm working with some local contacts with cable access television and at the city's college radio station as well.  This weekend I'm thinking about putting together a one-hour demo experimental music show to pitch to their stations. 

It will be good practice for my future web-radio work.

In the mean time, check out our latest acquisitions below.  As usual, this one is bursting at the seams with album info, purchase links, and full-length HD album previews.


This Week’s Listening – Early Krautrock, Proto Ambient, and Musique...

Tags: KLF, Kraftwerk, Moog, aphextwin, blackswan, chillout, cosmicjokers, equinoxe, hosiannamantra, inthebeginning, More…irrlicht, itsgrimupnorth, jeanjacquesperrey, jeanmichaeljarre, klausschulze, krautrock, nursewithwound, oxygene, panthaduprince, popolvuh, radiobremen, selectedambientworks, tangerinedream, thisbliss, ultimateedition

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An ExperiMental Radio Houre would be AWESOME!

I try and tune in to KTRU Genetic Memory show on Mondays for my fix of weird shit.

Let us all know if you put it together! Great post!

You Rock!


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