This next L.P. is amazing for two major reasons.

1. The Flaming Lips : Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, is an absolutely fantastic record! I was never a Flaming Lips fan until one night at work I heard the title track on KTRU Rice University radio, and had to find this record! On my next day off of work I hit all my favorite record stores until I found it. Took it home, spun that rascal and was floored at what a great record it was.

Y.B.T.P.R. sounds like the soundtrack to the greatest sci - fi film never made. Its atmospheric, ambient, and pop all at the same time, with an otherworldly melancholy vibe. Love it!

2. Its CLEAR RED VINYL! My Favorite kind of vinyl! I love clear vinyl over all the other types. It is a great combination of futuristic and retro! Like something you would see on Futurama or The Jetsons!

I can not recommend this album enough. Even if you cant find it on vinyl, get it on any format available. Trust me, you will not regret it!

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If these are your personal pics, thanks for taking the time to provide excellent photos!

My first Lips' disc was the 180g edition of The Soft Bulletin - an album with incredible production value.  It came packaged with a CD of bonus tracks.

I am with you completely about Yoshimi, and I too ordered a ltd ed red wax copy.

And when I learned that all the albums that followed were released on brightly colored vinyl as well, I promptly ordered At War With the Mystics and Embryonic (also with a bonus CD.)

Thanks again for the great photos, and keep them coming!

Welcome aboard The Spin Times! Glad to have another vinyl lover sign up!

Yeah I take the pics when I have a free moment or two. Part of the charm of vinyl, for me , is the amazing album art, of which it would be a shame not to share. I meant to post more the last few weekends but I got caught up in other bidness. But more on the way, I love records and just gots to show 'em off.

The New album, The Terror, is out now! And dont forget 4/20 is Record Store Day with some very cool 1st time releases coming out! Dazed And Confused soundtrack on pot green vinyl!

So until next time, SPIN THAT SHIT!



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