This is my most recent acquisition.The Black Crowes Live album Wiser For The Time is a four L.P. set that comes in a very nice and sturdy case that itself came in a thick and sealing clear plastic sleeve. The 26 tracks are from their 5 night run in New York City 2010 (I went to the Houston Show). The 4 L.P.'s each have a unique spin art design on very sturdy heavy weight vinyl and each comes in a nice sleeve with the tracks listed on each side. And like most vinyl releases today comes with a code to download the digital version.

I waited to get this instead of ordering it online because I had hoped that it would be available at the show like their last vinyl release and it was! I went to the show on the night of 4/28/13. I was a little apprehensive because I wasnt sure If I could bring in a bag to hold my records or if I would have to just hug it to my chest like an old school Beatles fan. Thankfully the were also selling a nifty little bag for $5 which I was only too glad to buy.

Got my records, a t-shirt and a bag to hold my loot in and enjoyed a fantastic show in one of the most intimate venues, The House Of Blues, I have ever seen the Crowes play. The records are very cool and are a nice addition to the 5 other Black Crowes albums I have.

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Very nice set!  I always love seeing how a label approaches multi-disc set packaging.  Fun stuff!


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