Just like the title says, I've been tied up for the past month getting a new apartment, filling it with antiques, FINALLY hooking up the internet, and starting a new life.

After a redditor nudged me to start posting again I finally sat down and blogged all the LPs I've picked up in the month of transition.

Videos and images aplenty.  Check them out!

First 25 LPs at the new lair!

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Congratulations on your new place.

Portishead l.p. is great!

I would really like the entire Trainspotting soundtrack on vinyl.

Born Slippy is amazing!

The autographed Patrick McGoohan letter is awesome!

LOVE me some The Prisoner episodes!

And one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs!

Wow, the founding Spin Times member is also a Prisoner fan.  Great stuff!  If you ever pass through Buffalo I'll buy you a drink / cup of tea.

And if you take a second glance at the dapper gent in the standing shot with the poet shirt, top hat , frock coat and meditation bell round his neck... most of the outfit was inspired by Number 48 from Fall Out.

My framed autograph was featured on The Unmutual Prisoner Archive site.

I also have the privilege of being the first to discover a subtle reference, possibly snuck in by Roger Woddis who wrote "Hammer into Anvil."

In that episode the record Number 6 examines in the Village shop is Bizet's L'Arlésienne Suites.  It is the music for Alphonse Daudet's play of the same name.

In the climactic ending of the play, one of the main characters commits suicide by jumping from a window.

This is, of course precisely the way the young woman (Number 73) dies at the beginning of the episode.

Rare Prisoner trivia you won't find anywhere else!

PS This is the next record you need to buy.

Be seeing you.

The Prisoner vinyl! Great Ceasars Ghost that is fucking awesome!

It has now become a struggle to prevent my envy from turning into super villain grade hate!

Would love to toast your health one fine day. I just hope you havent seen Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind.

I'm not a number, I'm a free man!

Be seeing you.


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