This record was a joy to find. As soon as I saw the video for the first single Ghetto Love, I had to have this record.

Found it one happy day at Vinyl Edge Records in Houston Texas. Took her home and SHAZAM! Pink Vinyl!

This album is the debut solo record of The Distillers front woman Brody Dalle. Anyone familiar with The Distillers are in for a very sexy pop surprise. I love this record and recommend it to all.

The album art is awesome! Appears to be black and white photos of the very sexy Brody Dalle herself, but who is to know for sure. Doesnt really matter, who ever it is takes a damn fine photo! On an appearance on a late night talk show the record cover was blurred. Fucking ridiculous. But dig the pics and judge for yourself.

Single disc on pink vinyl, it comes with a sleeve/lyric sheet and a little plastic card with a code for a digital down load of the album, which is becoming the standard for new vinyl releases.

Find it.

Buy it.

Spin it!

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