This post is in memory of Richard Matheson who passed away 06/23/2013. He penned the short story that became a Twilight Zone Classic, Terror At 20,000 Feet, among many other books, movies and television episodes that have become a part of popular culture.

Finding this album was one of those rare record lover highs one experiences from time to time. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of returning to my home town, Houston Texas, and going to my Great Grandmothers house. We would get there near dark and I would camp out on the couch in the living room and fall asleep watching reruns of original episodes of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, of which I continue to be a die hard fan of to this very day. So, finding the television scores of these amazing broadcasts on vinyl are beyond fantastic!

This is a single disc L.P. on black vinyl released in 1983. I think I bought this at Sound Exchange in Houston. It was used and priced at $5.99 and in near perfect condition.

It opens with the Iconic Main titles and contains the musical scores for the following episodes,

The Invaders, Perchance To Dream, Walking Distance, and The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine, and End Titles.

All great episodes even though it does not contain the score for Terror At 20,000 feet.

I hope to find that record, if it exists, some day.

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