This Saturday 4/20 (teehee) is Record Store Day.

 Dont forget to visit your local record store for some very cool vinyl releases not available at any other time.

 Visit http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home and find your local participating record store and what is being released on that glorious day.

 Thanks everyone for joining and happy hunting!


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Trekked down to my old hometown - home of the greatest record shop in WNY.  Volunteered for a few hours in-store while several bands performed and the LPs flew off the shelves.

Took home a mint Island label copy of Nick Drake's Pink Moon as a thank-you from the shop owner. 

Best RSD yet!

I got up early, traveled 70 + miles to stand in line for an hour and 1/2 like a dick, to get one lousy overpriced 7 inch single. By the time I got up to the counter where they held all the limited supply items they were all out of anything I wanted.

I wont be going to next years.

But I am glad you enjoyed it.



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