Posting Live from The Fetus Frightening Room, The Spin Times Long Play Appreciation Collective are proud to present :

The Only soundtrack album to be introduced by live fish!

Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life Original Soundtrack Recording!

This L.P. of course is an all time favorite. No nerd of any stripe is without at least one favorite Monty Python film, and mine is The Meaning Of Life!

This is a single disc L.P. short on frills but long on the patented Monty Python humour.

The album is comprised of dialogue from the film wedged in between the amazing songs, the bestest in my opinion being the Galaxy Song!

I was overjoyed to find this one fine day, used at a Half Price Books in Bryan Texas.

Can not listen to this record without immediately wanting to watch the film.

So far it is the only Python record I have but I look forward to finding more in the future.

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Very cool! My favorite Python LP is Matching Tie and Handkerchief. It has three sides but has no mention of the third side anywhere on the packaging.

Side B has two parallel grooves. If the listener plays the second side from the beginning every time they might never discover the hidden groove, until one day when a bit of dust kicks the needle over into the adjacent groove and suddenly they're listening to an entirely different recording!

My favorite Python sketch of all time: The Argument Clinic.

Hidden 3rd side is the coolest thing ever! I have a Tool record that has a hidden track at the beginning of side 2. When I first discovered it I thought I was tripping! So sneaky, I love it!


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