This record is one of the most unexpected and beloved records I own.

This magnificent record is the 3rd and final Mr.Bungle album and was released on CD only in 1999.. Although I knew it was not on vinyl, I would always keep an eye out for it whenever I went record shopping. A decade later and out of the blue it got a vinyl release and I was ecstatic! I could not get this album fast enough.

Featuring the amazing vocal talent of Mike Patton and the creative genius of the rest of Mr.Bungle, this album is an amazing musical experience and one I can not recommend enough.

Simple packaging and art design it is a single L.P. on 180 gram vinyl. Still available online and at most of your friendly neighborhood record stores. If you are a true audiophile and record lover please treat yourself and get this record A.S.A.P. and get Bungle Fever! You will thank me.

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I 1st heard Retrovertigo really early one evening in a new wave club as the dj was setting up. Had to ask him "who the hell was that"?-sounded like Bowie to me.

Retrovertigo is one of my favorite songs ever recorded. I remember listening to it one day while on a country drive and high as hell. The song climaxed right as we crested a hill that overlooked a panoramic view of the landscape and a beautiful cloud filled sky. It was one of those moments you carry with you for the rest of your life. Magical.

Goodbye Sober Day is an amazing track!


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