I wanted this on vinyl as soon as I heard it on cd! Waited patiently and one day bam! Found it on my go to online record store, Sound Stage Direct. They have a very impressive catalog and pretty good prices.

This is a recent release. It is a gate fold heavy weight 180 gram double vinyl set. It sounds amazing and includes on the second L.P. the indispensable Flamenco Sketches Alternate Take!

This album is historic, legendary and one of the most influential jazz recordings of all time. It broke the mold and reset the standard for jazz. If you do not have this on any format stop what your doing and go get yours ( make sure it has the Flamenco Sketches Alternate Take) and you will thank me after you have heard it!

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Nice!  I've got a NM 1959 pressing and it's in my building's-on-fire-grab-it-and-go crate along with my other favorite LPs.

NM 59 pressing! Now THAT is cool!

That is awesome!

My favorite Modal Jazz album of all time. Must sound nice and warm and toasty on vinyl.

I have the 50th Anniversary CD and it contains Flamenco Sketches Alternate Take. Good Stuff.

Soon as I heard this album, which was way after it was released; say 1979, I ran out and picked up Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage. My second favorite Modal Jazz album of all time.

I have a ton of vinyl. Some of it is still in mint condition and some is unlistenable. Just need to get my Technics SL-1700 MKII turntable, that I picked up at the PX at the Naval base in the Philippine's in 1979, looked at. Picked up a used Shure Mk III cartridge for it but it still sounds like crap. Found a place in Brooklyn that refurbishes them and will probably end up taking it there. Love Vinyl! Nice and warm and toasty!

That set of Kind of Blue LP's is the shit! I'm jealous…  

Welcome aboard!

Kind Of Blue is so amazing it sounds good played on a kazoo!

And I appreciate your jealousy.

Soundstage Direct dot com has several versions of K.O.B. available and they also sell Turntables.



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