In support of their new album 13, available on cd and vinyl, Black Sabbath descended on Houston Texas and made me a happy metal head!

Original members Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi and replacing drummer Bill Ward, touring drummer Tommy Clufetos.

I was a little sad Bill Ward did not rejoin the band but his replacement was truly amazing and even gave a fantastic 70's style drum solo.

Just before the show I found a copy of 13 on vinyl and would have bought it but the back album sleeve was damaged and they only had the one copy. I had not heard the new album yet except for youtube clips and I was excited to hear live versions of new songs for the first time.

The stage was dark and then a light came on back lighting Ozzy's iconic silhouette behind the massive stage curtain, air raid sirens began to wail amidst flashing red lights, the curtain lifted and they began the opening song WARPIGS!!!

And I went nuts!

Except for maybe 4 new songs my favorite being God Is Dead, Sabbath delivered the hits one after another.

Not in this order they played, War Pigs,  Black Sabbath, Snow Blind, N.I.B., Fairies Wear Boots, Into The Void, Beyond The Wall Of Sleep, Iron Man, Rat Salad, Dirty Women, Children Of The Grave, and for an encore they played the opening riffs of my favorite Sabbath song Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, and I screamed louder than I ever have in my entire life but it was a fake out as they then broke into Paranoid which was still amazing!

I bought one concert T and a shot glass and called it good.

It was a fantastic experience hearing the Heavy Metal legends themselves playing their historic songs. And an honor to pay them homage and support them on tour.

Ozzy was my introduction into Heavy Metal back in the 80's and I had not seen him live so to see him with Sabbath was a double wish fulfilled! I never thought I would ever see Black Sabbath perform, and it was one of if not the best concert experiences I have ever had.

I Sold My Soul For Rock 'N' Roll!

And I would do it again!

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So glad you could live your heavy metal dream!  How far did you have to travel to attend the show?

I live about 40 miles north of the venue. But I really didnt mind the distance.

It was worth it as I had always wanted to see Ozzy and Sabbath.

I can remember a conversation I had with a girlfriend almost 20 years ago about how awesome it would be to see a reunited Sabbath and how everyone and their dog would want to go. Real gooney teen conversation, and I up and went!

So it really was a dream come true.

I cant wait to pick up the new record, and I'll post it as soon as I do!

Bloody brilliant.

I'm celebrating musically as well - I've been contacted by the man who remastered and released the 6 new unofficial KLF mixes/recordings.  He said he loved my blog and is sending me pre-release copies of the next two discs in the series!

And, Friday, Aug 2nd I will be locking in a $225 vinyl purchase on my holiest of holy grails.  I promise to post it to the group when it arrives!

A great summer for audiophiles all around.

Wow, thats cool!

Cant wait!


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