This is a stoner classic and must have for all cosmic travelers who journey beyond the spheres and back again!

Originally released in 1968, this re issue L.P. Is a single disc on black vinyl.

I bought this brand new at one of my favorite record stores before it went out of business about 5 years ago.

Brand new still in the plastic and priced at only $11.95!

Side 1 features 5 fantastic tracks, my favorite being My Mirage.

Side 2 is dedicated entirely to the title track which clocks in at a running time of 17:05.

Now THATS Long Play!

In-a-gadda-da-vida is probably on of the most well known songs in western musical history and for good reason. Erie and beautiful it is more like a classical piece than a rock song. The track is a musical journey that can be appreciated by the sober and the Tall alike. It is the kind of music that deserves to be enjoyed and savored like a fine meal. Lower the lights kick back relaxed and Go with him, Take his hand and walk this land.

Please take my hand.

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